About My Work


My love for nature photography began when I was 

about 7 or 8 years old, as I watched the Mutual of Omaha's

Wild Kingdom, dreaming of being with all of the wonderful animals and visiting exotic places. When I turned 12, I

was given my first camera, a Kodak 110 35mm film

camera, as a Christmas present. Accompanied by my 

German Shepherd and Appaloosa, I'd venture the woods and fields of 

the surrounding farms, where I grew up, taking snapshots

of nearly anything that moved.

Now I shoot with digital and film cameras, attempting to shoot high quality captures of people, animals, nature and 

the beautiful, majestic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

As a born again Christian and photography addict, my ultimate aim is to provide you high quality photos and prints. With many professional photographers, time is money. With me as your photographer, I value you and your images first, no matter how long it takes. Whether a session lasts for 2 hours or all day, you're paying for the package you chose

Will L. Butler

​NW Yeti Photography